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Mini-Champagne Bottle Engagement Party Favors {Free printable}

You know that feeling when you create something so darn cute you just want to spam all your friends and family with pictures of the craft? Yep, that’s what happened when I made these party favors for a friend’s engagement dinner on Saturday.  

I was feeling overwhelmed after having a sick baby on my hands, a crazy hectic work week where I worked until all hours of the night and the hubs was away on a boys trip.  I just thought I didn’t have the energy to come up with a party favor, much less something cute and creative.  A few minutes on Pinterest and two cups of coffee later, I was energized and came up with the most adorable favors (biased, I know, I know).  It was almost therapeutic.  So off I went in search of mini champagne bottles and straws and then stumbled upon fake engagements rings to top it off.  

These Mini-Champagne Party Favors are super easy and a perfect favor for any engagement party or New Year’s Eve party.  Well really, any party, because who doesn’t love champagne? 

I decided to go with a white and black color theme, adding a little pink in for the ladies.

I decided to go with a white and black color theme, adding a little pink in for the ladies.


Glue dots are a girl’s best friend. I secured the straws to the bottle with a glue dot before adding the ribbon.

Mini-Champagne Bottle Party Favors
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  1. Mini-champagne bottles
  2. Colored paper straws
  3. Ribbon
  4. Glue dots
  5. Straw flag template
  6. Fake diamond rings {optional, depending on the occasion}
  1. Populate the flag template with the wording of your choice
  2. Print
  3. Cut out the mini flags and use glue dots to secure onto the straw
  4. Secure the straw to the champagne bottle with glue dots. I used 2-3 depending on the angle of the straw.
  5. Tie ribbon around the top of the bottle and the straw.
  6. Add the ring onto the straw.
  1. I bought the engagement rings from Party City, the straws from Michael's Crafts and the champagne from a local distributor. I had to call around a few places because I didn't want to spend a fortune. I settled on the cheapest brand for $2 a bottle.
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Here is a link to  the FREE  FLAG PRINTABLE !! Download this document and save for any and all future parties you host.  They just make any drink so adorable! 

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