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Using Baby Wipes For Everything But The Baby

I’m a bit of a clean freak so anytime I find an easy cleaning solution, I love to pass along the tip. I have been using baby wipes for the last few years, even before baby Jax came along. Now that I have them in every room of the house, I thought I would share with you the many uses of baby wipes, having nothing to do with babies. You will also be surprised how all these tips save you time and money. My personal favorite brand of baby wipes is The Honest Company and for $4.95 you get 70 wipes!! 25 uses for baby wipes after the jump!

  1. Makeup Remover Wipes – I typically pay $7.99 for 25 wipes!! That is a small fortune! One of the reasons I love The Honest Company is there are NO parabens, chlorine, phenols, or risky chemicals.
  2. Microfiber Sofa Stain Remover – We have an adorable dog but he loves chewing his bone on the couch. Anytime there is stain (think wine, formula, or dog drool), I wipe the couch down with the wipes.
  3. Car Leather – to clean up coffee spills or dog drool. You can wipe down the dashboard as well!
  4. Toilet Paper – or as my girlfriend likes to call them, “adult wipies.”
  5. Hair Color Stains Around Your Head/Ears – Easy on, Easy Off!
  6. Sticky Hands – Duh! Keep a travel size in your purse to wipe your sticky hands after that bucket of wings.
  7. Foundation Remover (Hands)- I apply a heavy foundation with my hands. I cannot get the darn makeup off and my hands are covered all day. That was until I cleaned them with a baby wipe.
  8. Doggie Paws/Beard – My dog Hudson loves to dig and sniff everything in sight. I wipe him down with baby wipes between his baths.
  9. Deodorant Stains – Just as you are rushing out the door, you noticed those pesky deodorant stains on your shirt. They are instantly removed with baby wipes.
  10. Shoes – Shine up those shoes with baby wipes. It will work on any type of shoe from leather to pleather!
  11. Toys – Dolls, trucks, etc.
  12. Computer Keyboard – Use to remove all that gunk between the keys.
  13. Dog Hair – Wipe any surface with a baby wipe to remove the dog hair.
  14. Tailgating & Camping – Bring these along and you are guaranteed to be the most popular person after people use the porta potty.
  15. Gym – Freshen up after the gym. I’ll leave the description at that.
  16. Purse – Clean the outside and inside of your purse with a baby wipe. You will be surprised how dirty your purse really is.
  17. Suits – They will remove stains from that expensive suit between dry cleans.
  18. Crayon On Tile & Walls – The wipes really work on walls. I promise!
  19. Baseboards – The wipes remove the dust bunnies and shine all in the same process!
  20. Shine up fixtures – A great solution between deep cleans.
  21. Envelopes – Moisten envelope glue before sending. I wish I knew this when I almost poisoned myself sending out hundreds of wedding invitations.
  22. Plants – Wipe down plant leaves to remove dust and shine.
  23. iPad/iPhone – To remove all those fingerprints.
  24. Rubber Stamps – The solution on the wipes remove the ink used on rubber stamps.
  25. Floors – Remove scuff marks on floors and stains in carpet.

Do you have any baby wipe uses you want to share??


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  • Adina - Wow, who knew! I’m already in love with these tips. Sign me up for a lifetime supply of baby wipes :)ReplyCancel

    • The Lovely Bits - I know! They are so great, but I really like using them as face wipes. So much cheaper than the packs in the store and since it’s all plant based and natural they are probably even better.ReplyCancel

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